Sunday, February 8, 2009

In Loving Memory

...of our carpet.
This is a last look at our blueish, greenish, tealish carpet. Right now it's getting pulled up and the concrete will be stained. The front is getting done this weekend and the rest of the store will be finished by the end of this month.

Of course, you don't even notice the carpet, because there are so many beautiful things that catch your eye.

I will post "after" pictures soon of our new floor, or just come by and see it for yourself!


  1. I did come by Sat. and saw for myself. You're right, I didn't even notice the carpet. But I did notice the concrete floor and loved it. I'm going to be doing a post on the Vintage Journal of y'all store soon, if that is all right. I just loved it! Debbie

  2. Thanks Debbie! You are always welcome to do a post on Golightly's. We appreciate it.

  3. I notice it but your beautiful things make me overlook it! ;o) I haven't been in your shop for a couple of months...time for another trip in.

  4. I personally am going to miss that stainy,raggedy,pulling apart mess of a rug. I liked the way the stains matched with the stain on our furniture-so chic. You know I am joking...The stained concrete will be a treat for the eyes and goes even better with our furniture. Thanks Janet!!!