Monday, April 13, 2009

New Spaces, Old Faces

A few of the "old" girls moved to "new" spaces in Golightly's.
Here's what they did with them:

And look at the cute things that Penny just made:

They are a creative bunch of old girls! (just kidding, they are all young and cute)


  1. I love that red desk of Norma and Erin's. It looks German to me, very cute!

  2. And thanks Dina for the comments! I was giggling about what you said and the (just kidding) part.

  3. I am completely in love with that orange desk and if I wasn't in California I would come in and buy it right now. There's actually a long story behind that desk being the object of my desire that I won't go into for fear of boring you to tears. But - can you at least just tell me how much it is? I can't stand it - I need to know - even though there is no way that I can buy it!! Please..