Sunday, January 31, 2010


Oh my goodness! Look at all this COLOR!

It makes my heart go pitter pat!

I love it all!

Some great new items are arriving in this space soon.
I will show you those fabulous things next week!


  1. So I am new to your blog. I came from Kelly's Korner originally to and found your blog that she was speaking about and O M G...I'M IN LOVE W/ THE DECOR! My hubby and I have enclosed our back porch into a playroom/sewing nook for me and our almost 8 month old daughter and i am using browns and slate blue as the accent colors, since if i went all out w/ color it would clash w/ our home decor. Anyhoo, with all that said, i'm getting a lot of antiques from my grandma & grandpa's house (my grandparents are both now deceased; grandpa died in sept. after 92 years) and i'm hoping to paint some chocolate brown and some in shades of blue. i am especially painting my grandpa & grandma's chairs that go w/ their kitchen table. they are two plain wooden chairs but they each sat in their own chair and never switched so it's special to have these. i'm also getting her antique sewing table as well as some other simple decor items that i want to paint. my question is, what's the first step? I had a friend who said spray paint is the easiest. do i need to sand the pieces 1st and then spray paint or ????? i am soo adding you to my "blog list"!

  2. I am so excited to find out you have a blog ~ I adore Golightly's !!
    Thank you for letting me know ~

  3. Since it is the early worm that gets eaten by the bird, sleep late.............................................

  4. I'm a local designer and frequent your store. You have amazing booths. I just wrote a blog entry about your store and put a link to the blog. Just thought you would want to see how I used your treasures! Thanks!