Sunday, April 11, 2010


Hi Everyone, this is Jennifer, just wanted to give a little update on the Tearoom!
I have been doing the tearoom for 5 years, and have enjoyed every minute of it!! But, my kids are getting older and doing more activities on the weekends, so it was a hard decision, but I decided to give the tearoom up. It was all just a blessing that everything fell into place, Emily was starting to do cakes and cupcakes in the tearoom, and I asked if they would be interested in the tearoom, and they jumped on it! Emily and her family have done a tearoom before, and were ready to do it again! I think they will do a great job, I wish them all the best in their new adventure!!
I also want to thank all of my tearoom customers, we (at Golightlys) have the BEST customers, and it made coming to work just all that much better!!
I will continue to be at the shop, I have a space upstairs now, so I will be working up front some, which will be weird for a while, I think!! But I know I will enjoy it, and glad I can still be a part of the store!
So, thanks again, And see you soon at Golightlys!!


  1. Jennifer, it will strange to be in the tearoom without you! Good luck with your new space and I hope to see you soon at Golightly's.